Who Are We?

We are Melbourne's premier experts in project management for all types of residential and commercial demolition.

Meet Our Directors


With Joanne’s strong background in project management, she brings a highly organised and easy flow to the process of having your demolition work done.
Paired with Moira’s 12 years industry experience they are quite the team.

Moira and Joanne recognise the need for more women in the industry, and they
will help guide through the demolition process with promise to listen and help
make demolition the easiest part of the build process.

They continuously encourage the growing role of women in construction and
believe that all people should be empowered to pursue whatever career they
feel is best for their personal growth. For them, the construction industry is
all about working hard and fostering a family-oriented atmosphere – for
their staff, subbies and clients.


We are dedicated to giving the best possible experience in the industry when working with our company, one of Melbourne’s premier demolition contractors. We strongly believe this is due to being a female-led organisation.

  • We’re highly motivated in ensuring quality service by providing: 
  • a high level of customer service and care affordable and quality outcomes while also ensuring good safety practices
  • careful and considered management of our demolition projects of any size.

Terms and Conditions

  • This quote is valid until 1st July 2023 (new tipping fees will be applicable as of 1st July 2023 which may result in an increase of overall price by 5 to 10%).
  • This quote is for the condition and items at the property as at the date of this quotation. Our quote is subject to a full site inspection at the time of quoting. Our quote will need to be updated to reflect any changes such as no access at time of quoting, when tenants have moved out and if too much time has lapsed between quoting and acceptance of the property (so please ensure the length of your grass is kept to a minimum).
  • Upon signing this quote all demolition salvage becomes the property of Melbourne Wide Demolition Pty Ltd unless otherwise agreed.
  • Any alterations to this quote will trigger a new quote which will need to be prepared and signed.
  • Once the Owner or Builder has abolished gas and electricity at the property demolition works can commence.
  • As stated above, if additional asbestos materials are discovered during the demolition process a new quote will need to be signed to include the cost of the additional asbestos removal. All works will cease until the additional asbestos has been removed.
  • An asset protection permit issued by Council will need to be sighted before Demolition can commence. It is the responsibility of the Owner/Builder to obtain. Whilst care is taken not to damage crossovers and footpaths no responsibility will be taken unless damage is caused by negligence of Melbourne Wide Demolition Pty Ltd.
  • Trees: if trees are to be removed from the site the owner will need to obtain a permit for the trees. If trees are to remain on site a current site plan or landscape plan clearly marking which trees remain on site. Melbourne Wide Demolition Pty Ltd are not responsible if the plan is not clear.
  • No responsibility can be taken for neighbouring or adjoining fences which are rotten, disintegrating or unstable. We will repair areas of the fencing where we have directly damaged the fence with our excavator but take no responsibility for the condition of fences at the time of quoting.
  • Unless included above, excluded from this quote is any buried material, unknown underground structures and/or tanks.

Payment Terms

  • Acceptance of this quote either verbally or in written form falls under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2002.
  • Once signed, this quote will become binding and by signing the quote the party(s) agree to all the terms and conditions outlined herein.
  • Further invoices may be sent to you at various stages – eg. permit being issued, asbestos removal, 50% progress point prior to completion and balance due on completion. Progress invoices are payable 14 days from the date of invoice.
  • The final invoice is due and payable in 14 days from the date of the final invoice. If payment is not provided in the stipulated time frame, interest and costs may apply as permitted under the Security of Payments Act 2002.
  • In the event of default on payment by the Owner or Builder, the Owner or Builder will be liable for all losses, liabilities, costs and expenses (including but not limited to debt recovery and legal expenses, including commission charged by debt recovery agents and solicitors’ costs) on a full indemnity basis.

Actions by Owner/Builder

  • Sign and date this quote below and return to Melbourne Wide Demolition Pty Ltd via email or to PO Box 6222, Point Cook, Vic, 3030.
  • Provide the current Certificate of Title showing the Owner’s name, a current Planning Permit number, Feature Survey, any relevant tree permit and Asset Protection Permit issued by the relevant Council and the latest version Demolition Plan (If available).
  • When we receive the signed Quote and payment of Deposit, we will email you a Consent Form to Demolish and Appointment of Building Surveyor (for the purposes of obtaining the Demolition Permit). The Consent is to be signed by the Owner and returned to Melbourne Wide Demolition Pty Ltd at PO Box 6222, Point Cook, Vic, 3030.
  • The Builder or Owner will need to arrange the abolishment of all services including removal of meters (except water). We can organize this for a fee of $300 plus GST. Abolishment can take up to 4-5 weeks and we cannot commence work until it is completed. Any applicable fees from the supplier or retailer will be passed onto the owner.
  • Please call Joanne Ramselaar on 0418 569 834 or Moira Linton on 0413 424 965 if you have any further questions.


Abolishment of electricity and gas services

Capping of sewer

Assist with an Asset Protection Permit or 
other permitsas the demolition may require

We only use Work Safe licensed Asbestos
removers to remove Asbestos on your property

We contract with Melbourne’s best demolition contractors to demolish all structures, remove all demolition waste (including footings, pipes and greenery) to leave your site ready for your builder

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